Dynamic Tours

Dynamic Tours

Does your heat map look like this?

Example heat map
A heat map in SOVA shows activity by your security officers where "hotter" colors represent higher levels of activity and "cooler" colors, or no color at all, represent little to no activity. In SOVA, everything an officer does is placed on a map, from scanning a tour checkpoint, to recording a task, or even walking through a space with a SOVA device.

Not Great Coverage...

Let's assume you have built a security tour of the building floor above. While doing your monthly audit of security officer activities, you run a heat map in SOVA and see something similar to this image. This map illustrates areas of your building that have not been visited by your security team. As a security director or manager, you understand that you have a responsibility and duty to provide an environment to your guest or visitors that is reasonable free of foreseeable harm. Of course you could manually discuss the above with your security team and request that your security officers do a better job at visiting areas of your tour that are being missed. But you now have an easier way in SOVA, by building a Dynamic Tour (requires version 2.3.7 or above).

Improve Coverage with Dynamic Tours

A Dynamic Tour allows a security officer to generate a tour that is dynamically built from checkpoints in one or more tours where the SOVA application chooses checkpoints for the tour based on the checkpoints that are missed most frequently. Each tour built could be very different from one another as each time a Dynamic Tour is built, the selection of checkpoints making up the tour is customized. By completing a few Dynamic Tours each week, you can drastically improve your building coverage and help reduce risk, by having documented proof that your security team covers your building adequately.

How it Works

The magic happens in the mobile app. The screens below walk you through this new feature of SOVA:

1. Click the "Begin/Resume Tour" button

2. Select Build Dynamic Tour

3. In the screen below, choose how many checkpoints to include, whether to exclude your most recent or most frequently visited checkpoints, then tap into the box to select one or more tours to draw from when dynamically selecting the tour buttons

4. Below, I select a few tours

5. After you have made your selection, tab "Build Tour". In just a few seconds, SOVA will build a tour for you based on your selections. In the popup shown below, you can preview the tour that was custom built for you, or build again of you wanted to make some changes

6. That's it! If you return to the tour list, you will now see a tour selection called "Dynamic Tour". Clicking that will start the tour just built.

In the Daily Activity Report and the various tour and other reports available in SOVA, you will see the Dynamic Tour each time one is completed. Just know that if you review more than one completed Dynamic Tour, each one may be different from the other!

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